Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 21st- Kuleshov Experiment Screening- Lesson 2

Today we were screening our Kuleshov experiment films to the entire class. Last lesson we had finished filming our kuleshov film. I worked with Justin Choo in recording our hilarious film

Much like the example we watched in our first lesson of montage editing (above), we used two clips in the middle of our film to completely change the context and storyline of our film. Justin choo walks around the corner than gives a cheeky grin, two examples are of me doing pushups and recording the hallway, where we added a negative effect and crazy sound effects to create a drugged out weird video. The two stories were Justin Choo being impressed with my pushups, the other is Justin Choo being super drugged out and experiencing a crazy world.

I was very impressed by my classmates films, my favorite was definitely Esther's group because it was simple yet taught us very much about the Kuleshov experiment's basic fundamentals.

 We then watched Franco's film, which was just spectacular, the sound could have been done a lot better, but the video shots and the story were just amazing.

I was definitely a thinker of a student today, using my head to explore the concepts of Montage editing. 

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